4 pages due by 24 hrs. lilan

 Assignment: 4 pages and 4 references

1.  Expanding once again on your work with the problem you described in part 2 of the assignment, this paper calls for you to address the problem from a macro (community, organization, political/societal) level.  Specifically, what is your macro-oriented action plan?  What is the rationale for this plan?  What macro steps have you already taken, and what macro steps do you plan on taking before the semester ends?  What specific social work practice skills have you used or will you use in carrying out these action steps (please draw on basic foundation practice skills as well as the five foundation models and associated concepts).  Please complete this paper with a self-evaluation and reflection on what this assignment has helped you to you to learn about social work practice along a micro to macro continuum.  

Like the other papers (my problem is substance abuse). I would like to get involved at the local level within my community (politically) . Please let me know if you have any questions? 

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