Application assignment iii | Sociology homework help


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In this assignment, you will take an inventory of your own life and answer the following questions in a one-page page response. You will be required to write this assignment using the APA, 7th edition format. This means you will have a cover page and bibliography page.

!. Identify the stage of physical, psychological, and social development of the person in the scenario. You will identify the specific physical stage of development based on information in the scenario. You will identify the psychological stage using by identifying the related theory. You will identify the stage of social development based on a theory.

2. Identify specific environmental responses that are impacting development. for example, if the person lives in poverty, then this may be a factor, but you also need to explain why you believe it to be so. It could very well be policies and laws that impact development.

3. You must write in complete sentences and again, in APA.



Case Scenario

Malik is a 3-year-old boy who lives with his mother and two siblings in an impoverished and high-crime area. His mother reports that Malik does not like to run and jump and is very clingy to her. She says when she drops him off at his daycare, sometimes he cries for hours and it is difficult for the staff to calm him down. Although Malik does not like to run and jump, he can catch a ball and kick a ball. Malik knows about 20-30 words and is very interested in playing video games with his older sister. Malik’s mom said she does not spend a great deal of time with Malik because she works two jobs to make ends meet. Sometimes, Malik fights his older sisters when they will give him the big leggo block to play with rather than several of the mini pieces. His mom reported that Malik has visited his father on a few occasions. She describes his father as a bearded man and every man with a beard that Malik encounters, Malik says,”Daddy”. Malik’s mom says she whips his for this behavior. Malik’s mom has tried unsuccessfully to potty train Malik without success. She says, “I have whipped him, but he still will not do it:”. As Malik’s mom was talking about her inability to potty train Malik, he put his head down and begin to cry. She scolded him and told him he was not being a big boy. Malik does not like to play with other children at the Day Care. He prefers to play alone and has a hard time sharing. Many of the other children do not like playing with Malik