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First, you must find 1 media example that illustrates a specific concept, topic, or issue discussed in class. The media example can be a YouTube clip, documentary, television special (i.e. A & E’s “American Justice” television episode), etc. The example must be APPROPRIATE to show in class. If you would not show your example in a presentation to the rest of the class (due to language, explicit context, etc.), then you must find another example. If I believe that the media example is not appropriate for class, you will not receive extra credit. You CANNOT use any media examples already provided in the course modules for the assignment.

Second, you must write a response in a Microsoft Word document (minimum of 750 words) that:

(1) Includes a link to the media example
(2) Describes the media example
(3) Discusses what concept, topic, or issue the example reflects
(4) Connect the media example to information provided in a narrated lecture
(5) Connect the media example to information provided in the textbook or assigned journal article
(6) Includes in-text citations in APA format of your textbook, journal article, and lecture note sources

Third, you must upload your assignment to Webcourses by Thursday, April 29th by 11:59pm EST. Late extra credit assignments will not be accepted for any reason. You must submit your assignment by going into our course in Webcourses, clicking on the “Assignments” tab and then the “Extra Credit Writing Assignment” link.

The academic dishonesty policy fully applies to this assignment. If I believe that any responses are too similar to each other and/or show evidence of plagiarism (especially since each assignment will be processed through TurnItIn services), I have FULL DISCRETION to give the student(s) a zero for the assignment, and proceedings may be instituted to have the student(s) dismissed from the program and/or University.

IMPORTANT: All 6 components of the response must be included in response. Simply because you include all 6 required components does not necessarily mean that you will receive full credit.

  • For example: You complete the assignment but only but only includes two sentences out of the entire response that relates to how the example connects to the material discussed in the narrated lecture and the textbook.
  • HINT: I suggest dividing your response EQUALLY into:
    1. Your discussion of the media example
    2. What concept, topic, or issue the example reflects
    3. How the example connects to information provided in the narrated lecture
    4. How the example connects to information provided in the textbook or an assigned journal article
      • In other words, please give an equal weight to each required component of the response

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