Australian mortgage banking finacial calculations finding lmi and


Hi ,

I have checked the assessment again and found the errors again. In first case study the one of the client name is incorrect Stephanie (its Jennifer i guess
). Also still the mentioned and calculated figures are incorrect which means the assessment is not ready for submission yet .

 Please find attached the assignment I have highlighted all the errors in red and yellow and please complete the Appendix 1 tasks as per below. 

1. Servicing calculator Table in Appendix 1
2. Living Expenses Breakdown Table Appendix 1 (you can check online for living expenses breakdown)

3. Need Analysis Table Appendix 1 
4. Anticipated Fees and Charges Table Appendix1
5. Funds To Complete Table Appendix1
6. Loan Interview Diary Appendix 1

Also i have attached the serviceability calculator pdf copy for your reference with calculations you can cross calculate verify with this link as well

LMI Calculator Link-

Could you please check thoroughly and fix the assignment completely and send it back ASAP.  I have already taken 4 weeks extension for submission and cannot risk anymore. I will not be able to get any further extension after this 


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