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Individual vs. structural-cultural theories | Social work Theory |

  Theories help frame more than presenting problems—they also frame social problems, and both types of problems can be linked in relation to client issues. For example, many scholars and social workers have attempted to understand the social problem of poverty. Turner and Lehning (2007) classified various psychological theories to explain poverty under two headings: […]

I need help asap!!! | ED 533 Curriculum Development | Alcorn State University

  The primary purpose of providing assignments is to analyze whether you  have understood a specific topic or subject. Report should be two to three pages, assignment number, date, Times New Roman font style, 12 font size, double spaced, and with a  reference page. APA writing style shall be used when citing references.   Students will: […]

Final assignment | Psychology homework help

Synthesis Paper Assignment Instructions Overview You will demonstrate your use of current APA skills that you honed during the APA Assignment and the Case Study Assignment, and all the content you studied throughout all this course. Current APA format needs to be demonstrated in all aspects of this assignment. Proper APA formatting is required as […]

Social work ethics background of the topic

  Over the course of the semester, students will develop and investigate a research topic addressing a contemporary ethical issue or problem in the social work profession (e.g., court decision, proposed law or policy change, practice modality, etc.). Using course readings and activities, as well as a search of peer-reviewed, professional literature to guide you, […]

Nur | Nursing homework help

  Describe how you achieved each course competency including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to that competency. Describe how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice. Course Competencies 1. Identify multidimensional nursing care strategies for clients with reproductive system disorders. 2. Determine appropriate multidimensional nursing interventions for clients with disorders […]

Ethics | Psychology homework help

 Why Does the Ethics Code Separate General Principles From Enforceable Standards?    Type the full ethical scenario you have selected.  Respond to the scenario with no less than 100 words and cite the ethical standard (name and number – for example “1.07 Improper Complaints”

10 discussion – literary devices in poetry

Poetry uses sound and form in ways that are different from other literary genres. Take a closer look at the literary devices for poetry. Identify one place where you see a literary device operating in a poem that you’ve read, and consider what effect this device contributes to the reading experience. A literary device is […]