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have BA homework, And I need someone help me with it. I need you to use easy vocabulary. don’t be hard.
Also, please don’t use any outside source, just use the attachment Please please


Homework for Chapter 1 is to answer questions 1 and 2 of the Organizational Behavior In Action Case Study:  John Mackey, Cofounder and Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, Believes in “Conscious Capitalism”.

1.  What role, if any does McGregor’s Theory Y plan at Whole Foods?  Explain.

2.  How does Whole Foods build human and social capital?

The homework for Chapter 2 is to answer questions 2 and 5 in the Organizational Behavior in Action Case Study:  LeasePlan Effectively Manages Diversity.

2.  Compare and contract the extent to which LeasePlan is using principles from affirmative action and managing diversity.  Explain your rationale.

5.  While LeasePlan’s diversity initiative is clearly working, what recommendations would you make for improving their program?  Explain.

What would a good diversity program in your ideal company look like?

Such as:

    What would be the intent
    What would the results be
    What kinds of activities would be involved
    How would it be communicated

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