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  • Assess a company’s competitive strategy and the strength of its competitive position

Identify at least two articles published in the last 6 months that discuss a company’s business strategy/strategies (the articles may not directly indicate that what is being discussed is a company’s business strategy as we discuss it in this class, but you should be able to infer that the company’s business strategy is being discussed). Based on your interpretation of the articles:

  • State the main types of business (a.k.a. competitive) strategies.
  • Explain which type of competitive strategy this company is using and what the evidence from the article is for the case you are making.
  • Is the company’s competitive strategy appropriate or it could be improved? Why?
  • Is the company’s competitive position relative to others in the industry strong? Why?

Response Parameters

  • Your initial response must be 300 words in length.
  • Use APA citations as needed.