Case analysis due tonight | Aviation Human Factors | Everglades University

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Your case analysis will consist of an air carrier human factors-related accident that has occurred within the last 5 years. The accident investigation report must be complete and probable cause issued by the NTSB.

From this information you will summarize the cause of the accident and discuss the HUMAN causal factors leading to the accident (i.e., decision making, situational awareness, fatigue, etc.). You should provide supporting citations and references to amplify your thoughts on what went wrong with the crew decisions/actions.

Your case analysis must be in APA format, 12 point Times New Roman Font, 1″ margins all around, double-spaced, and a minimum of 3 pages (excluding the cover page and reference page which are also required). Therefore, the total will be no less than 5 pages.

Finally, make sure your work is your own. When citing other sources make sure that you cite those sources properly. I have all the technology to spot plagiarism and if this occurs you will face strict academic disciplinary action.