Chapter 21 eoc: | Management homework help


a. Better Production Planning Saves Money for 3M



1.   Why is 3M Company attempting to raise productivity?  From your knowledge of how products are manufactured, in what other ways do you think 3M could increase productivity?



2.   List three concepts discussed in this chapter that could help 3M’s management to increase productivity. Be sure to explain how each concept could help.




3.   Which concept listed in Question 2 do you think would have the most positive impact on increasing productivity? Explain fully.


b. How Michael’s on East Maintains Cost Controls


1.  How would you evaluate Massa’s cost control strategies?



2.  What potential challenges do you see in Massa’s cost control strategies?  How would you recommend overcoming those challenges?



3.  If you were Massa, what other cost controls would you try and implement?




1.   What does Adrian Cavlan say about the benefits of hands-on experience in the early stages of the business?



2.   Describe the role of meetings at Sound in Motion.



3.   Describe the two actions that Sound in Motion uses when it is necessary to improve an employee’s performance.



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