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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics are on the IT roadmap throughout the industry. It is seen by many as a transformative technology. The use of this transformative technology introduces ethical concerns.

Before responding to this week’s discussion, read the article “Ethical Concerns of AI.”

  • Describe the technology discussed in the article and provide details on the benefits and the impact (positive and negative) on society.
  • Discuss the potential for misuse of this technology. Give examples.
  • Suggest oversight or control measures if this technology was implemented.



Hello professor and classmates,

There is much controversy surrounding the debate between the ethical concerns of AI and what its impact will be on society. Some of the advantages of creating AI will be easier job performance, less pay that companies give to employees, more effective transportation, customer service, etc. Although many see this as an industrial revolution, a great number of many other people see this change as a job destroyer. Many people will be without jobs once AI is integrated into the work force in a great variety of jobs. A positive impact into society would be the better work performance, and a negative impact would be the unemployment rise for people who need to find work to support their families. 

The potential misuse of this technology will result from AI falling into the wrong hands. What if certain people with malicious intentions are motivated even now to use AI for their own benefit? They could potentially have the means to disrupt transportation services, program them into violating trade secret laws between companies, or even gaining access to classified government information. In my opinion, AI needs to be diagnostically tested thoroughly and made hack proof so that there will be no room for this type of failure that could result in a catastrophe for the nation. 

Control measures for AI that could be put into place is constantly monitoring the overall performance around the clock to prevent any sort of system failure. Each AI program implemented in all categories for replacement should report daily performance results to highly trained professionals that specialize in AI analytics. Some decision making strategies may go wrong if AI is not developed properly to ensure the safety of all persons, and may result in the shutdown of the AI program which would greatly impact the governments and society’s trust with AI. 

Thank you,

Shadoe Smith

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