Emily durkheim | Sociology homework help


• Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx), 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced, 1 page

1. How do rituals create sacred symbols and group moral boundaries for both groups?

2. Describe how both groups practice rituals that create intense interactions, much like religion, that create social solidarity via emotions?

3. What is the tension in both groups between group identity and individualism?

4. How does collective consciousness, social solidarity, and mechanical and organic solidarity work in gangs versus physician?

5. What are three distinct differences between gangs and physicians?

Think about the potential pathologies that can result from modernization as addressed by Durkheim. Using the example of telecommuting, or working from home, which is an ever-growing sector of employment, address what you think Durkheim would say about working from home. In doing so, play both sides of the coin. In what ways would this form of employment help contribute to social solidarity and in what ways might it be pathological for society?

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