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Part 1

Empowerment of Hourly Staff

Considering the topic of service recovery. Think about the empowerment of hourly staff and your experiences either as a guest or a service provider.

How do you feel about the limited empowerment of hourly staff?

In a minimum of 300 words share your experience and how you feel about the limited empowerment of hourly staff. How much empowerment should front line service providers have in solving guest complaints?

Part 2

Read the transcript and answer the scenario questions below:

Service Recovery is a big topic. When you recover well, you earn customer loyalty, when you don’t recover well, we can lose a customer forever, not only that the customer tells everyone they know.  I encourage you to think on-site complains as gifts. They are an opportunity to fix the problem before that guest leaves the property.

Let’s imagine, that you are the front office manager in a hotel and a guest has just checked-in posted the following to social media. “It’s my birthday weekend, and we were going to celebrate B-I-G! Booked a five-star experience on the Las Vegas strip and when we got here, it’s like a two-star experience. Where is my luxury! And this room is only strip view if I smash my face to the window“. 

Ok so think about it. What do you do? How do you contact the guest? What do you say? How do you say it? Don’t just give away the house. You can’t just give away a free room every-time. What can you do? How do you solve the problem? 

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