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The concept of health has changed a lot over the years. Health in the past was one way of thinking. If you were sick you were unhealthy if not then you are healthy. It was all about physical health. Now health is more holistic. We know that we can improve all aspects of life and that each can improve health. We look at the family, emotional, mental, and physical health. We want everything to align to be healthy. Health promotion in the past was not a big deal. Now we want to promote health to keep people healthy. We do not wait until the person is sick to start health promotion before the person gets sick.

As nurses we are the ones that start the health promotion. We are the promoters among all the other titles we have. When we are teaching health promotion we need to make sure that we are teaching evidenced based findings. We want the information we are giving them to be the most up to date information. This will help them stay on the healthy path. There are many new and improved health promotion activities. Creative approaches need to be used (Fackler, C., Baugh, N., Lovegren, A., Nemeroff, C., Whatley Blum, J., Patelarou, A., 2021).

Fackler, C. A., Baugh, N., Lovegren, A. A., Nemeroff, C., Whatley Blum, J., & Patelarou, A. (2021). Technology-Enhanced Health Promotion for College Students: A Seed Development Project. Nursing Reports, 11(1), 143–151.

Please respond to the above student’s post by using 200-300 WORDS APA format with references in discussion supporting the post

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