final assignment | Architecture and Design homework help


Please use this assignment to clearly and specifically describe some of your goals as a Design student. Refer to the introductory video for more information.

Section I: Identify at least 3 and no more than 5 specific goals that you have as a Design student. By specific, I mean not generic like “get a job in design.” Be specific: What type of job? In what industry?

Section II: Identify specific steps that you can take in order to get closer to your goals. For example, “In order to achieve {Goal X}, I will take the following steps: A (describe); B (describe); C (describe).

Section III: Identify any barriers that may prevent you from reaching your goals. Please be honest here.

Section IV: Identify things that you can do to overcome or minimize these barriers.


In the attachments, I give you the sample of the final project and my idea of getting inspiration.

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