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In the face of the very basic epidemic prevention measures of wearing masks, there is still no agreement in the United States. The chaotic aspect is the problem of vaccination. Vaccines that the masses have given hope for, but there are many scandals, such as the uneven distribution of vaccines, side effects of vaccines, and loopholes in the appointment system. Because the shelf life of the vaccine is valid, the vaccine will be wasted if some people who have already made an appointment do not show up. At this time, “vaccine hunters” appeared. There were two extreme views in society. Some people believed that they had rationally used precious vaccines, while others believed that their actions were to be condemned. High-risk groups were not vaccinated. I think this is a topic worthy of attention and discussion. 


Underscoring in case there’s any confusion — you must have at least one original interview in this piece. You’ll want to make sure you find a health expert (s) who can offer her or his take on it. 

This final assignment is a reported article that takes an in-depth look at a newsworthy issue. It should bring together all the major concepts we’ve discussed this quarter.

  • As with every assignment, the topic you focus on here should be newsworthy and include the following:
    • 1,000-1,200 words
    • A clear angle
    • An engaging lead
    • Distinct structure (Ideas flow easily and logically from one to the next)
    • AP style
    • At least 3 clearly attributed sources (could be any combo of interviews, legitimate internet/database resources, official documents, studies, etc., but must be AT LEAST one interview)
  • The assignment will be graded based on the criteria above as well as your overall voice, tone and writing style.

An example of an issues article we talked about in class Friday was the Adrian LeBlanc piece we read a couple weeks ago:

But your piece doesn’t have to be that specific format. It could be a basic, inverted pyramid, or more narrative style, it’s up to you. It should NOT be a list or Q&A. 

Here’s another example:

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