Good morning i am needing a 6 page paper answering the following


Good Morning I am needing a 6 page paper answering the following areas of a research paper that I did..

1. Steps of implementation

2.Identify risk and development checklist

3.Train Healthcare professionals


5.Evaluation and improvement of intervention

6.Anchoring change


This must follow the grading criteria. I will provide you with my pre-test and post test to based this on.

This must be in APA format, so all references must be less the 5 years old, and EDU or ORG websites. I will also provide the presenation that I presented that this should be based on.


so basically it’s to test their knowledge regarding diabetics and see what they know post test is based on what I presented

basically the 2 providers were not able to answer 2 questions as well as the medical assistant

and the people attending were a doctor and a nurse practitioner and a medical assistn

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