Impossibler burger | Statistics homework help

prepare a 10 – 12 page comprehensive and integrated marketing strategy for the product or service ” Impossible Burger”

The integrated marketing strategy should briefly describe the product or service, and present an integrated and viable strategy that addresses your target market, distribution channels, pricing, and promotion. Remember, it is a playbook, an action plan for your product or service.

In addition, provide a competitive analysis that describes how the product or service can be differentiated from current and/or anticipated competitors, and how technology including e-business and social media supports the marketing strategy.

Support your analysis with at least six (6) or more academic sources, which may include your textbook, and/or credible business journals such as Barrons, The Wall Street Journal and/or Business Week.  

Your analysis should include:

  • A description of your product or service, detailing the need it will meet in the marketplace; and where it fits in the product life cycle.
  • A marketing strategy that integrates target market, channels of distribution, pricing and promotion into a viable plan for your first 12 months
  • A discussion about how you will differentiate your product or service from current or anticipated competitors in terms of product features focused on the target market, channels of distribution, pricing and promotion
  • A discussion about how technology, including e-business and social media, will be applied to your marketing strategy

Be sure your paper is aligned to the rubric.  Each criteria should be a section in your paper.  This will ensure you hit all the requirements of the assignment.  Check the criteria against your paper to be sure each element is included in your submission.

Check your submission using the Similarity Checker, then fix any similarities before you submit your paper to Turn It In.  Reach for your professor if you have questions about your similarity score.  The professor can help you understand what the score means and how you can update your paper to fix the similarities before final submission.

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