Leadership development and internal promotion programs

 As a human resources professional, you have been assigned the task of developing and implementing an organizational career advancement program with three tracks:

  1. The first track includes a promotion within field track (WFT) that is associated with traditional supervisory and managerial roles. These promotions will come with a new title, additional compensation, at least two direct report employees, and program functions such as funds, logistics, real property, and transportation assets.
  2. The next track is a technical WFT, and this advancement is associated with a new title, additional compensation, and program functions as described above.
  3. The last track is identical to the first but is a promotion outside of the employee track with all the attributes of the WFT.

How you might go about developing and implementing a program of this type? In your responses please consider the following:

  • How will you recruit for and select for participants in this program?
  • Should all or only some employees be included?
  • What type of criteria might you use to determine participation, eligibility, and selection?



Use the Capella library to select three articles to read from the following on leadership development programs:

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