Marketing research viii | MAR 3231 – Marketing Research | Columbia Southern University

Hello everyone, I have an Assignment for you today. This assignment must be DONE by Wednesday, April 14, 2021, no later than 10 pm. By the way, I need this assignment to be PLAGIARISM FREE & a Spell Check when completed. Make sure you READ the instructions CAREFULLY. Now without further ado, the instructions to the assignments are below:

Given that the topic for this unit is presentations, you are to create a PowerPoint presentation that covers the following six points:

1. Explain the objectives of a research report.
2. Describe the format of a marketing research report.
3. Describe the effects of measurement on the final research report.
4. Discuss several techniques for graphically displaying research results. 

5. Identify problems encountered in preparing reports.
6. Describe the importance of presentations in marketing research.
7. Explain how research results can be presented in a research report.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least 10 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. Your slides should include slide notes that represent what you would say in the presentation. At least two academic resources must be used in this assignment, and any information from those sources should be cited and referenced in APA format.

By the way, the first attachment below which is a study guide. And lastly, below is a CSU article from the study guide. Any additional information must be cited & referenced. You are welcome to using other educational sites as long it’s pertaining to the topic. Be sure to use the resources below & be sure utilize the “Required Unit Resources” from the study guide for further information on this assignment. Remember NO PLAGIARISM & I need will need a PLAGIARISM REPORT upon completion. 

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