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For these project assignments throughout the course you will need to reference the data in the ROI Excel spreadsheet. Download it here.
Using the ROI data set: If we select 6 colleges from a major and then record whether they are of School Type Private or not, is this experiment a binomial one? Why or why not? For each of the 2 majors determine if the Annual % ROI appears to be normally distributed. This will involve your histogram from Week 1.  If your histogram was not correctly done, you must correct it before analyzing results.  Follow these steps.  1.  For each major, put in your corrected histogram. 2.  Look at the normal probability graph’s shape in your textbook.  3. Compare the shapes.  4.  Calculate measures of central tendency (mean and median) and list them.   5. By using the measures of central tendency and your “shape comparison,”  justify your conclusion if the Annual % ROI is normally distributed.  Report on each of these with charts and calculations to justify your answers.