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PART B: Which detail from the text best supports the answer to Part A?

  1. A“It was Saturday afternoon, April 29. Everyone who came down the stairs to the train platform saw him, myself included, and everyone did the same thing. Watched him.” ( Paragraph 3)
  2. B“It is a very specific New York City preoccupation and plotline, a horror and a drama that grips the imagination and lays down a gut check.” ( Paragraph 8) 
  3. C“He texted his girlfriend, ‘Guy fell so I had to jump on the tracks now I have a cut on my hand.’ He called his mother. Both were upset with him at first, ‘mad I jumped on the tracks in the first place,’ he said, but more thankful he was O.K.” ( Paragraph 32)
  4. D“Mr. Capuzzo said that before he jumped, he remembered an old public service announcement: ‘Twenty people are thinking someone else called about the gas leak.’” ( Paragraph 34)  

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