Physics homework!!! due gy 24 hrs


Construct some circuits with parallel and in series resistors, and measure voltage at different points and electric current.


Your goal is to make an electroscope, test it with different charged objects and draw conclusions. Make pictures or video of your experiment, of course you also have to write the lab in lab format.

It is very simple to make, make sure everything else except the wire and the foil is an insulator. Here is an exmaple:

Here is also a video to guide you:

DO NOT follow the lab format, download or fill out online the worksheet called Exercise and follow the directions.


  1. The purpose of this lab is to investigate Hook’s law. It is a virtual lab. Go to:
    Select Intro, on the next page on the right select displacement, values, and single spring. Chose a spring constant and after that at least 3-4 values of the applied force and record the corresponding displacement in a table. Repeat with a different spring constant. Graph both on the same graph. What conclusions can you draw?
    Here is a sample report on a physics lab on Hook’s law pay attention, this is a DIFFERENT lab than yours, just follow the format, and use it as a guideline):


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