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 Work with your team to formulate a strategy for your All-Around product.  This should not be a listing of the numbers you plan to input into the simulation for Period 1.  Rather it should be a high level explanation, using marketing concepts and terms, of how you plan to position your product against the competition (i.e. how you want people to see your your product vs other products – include a perceptual map of your direct competition), the pricing strategy (the relative pricing not the amount) and how you believe the place and promotion components will support those other decisions. Include a paragraph discussing how the 4Ps will work together toward acheiving your strategy.  Use information from the student manual and reports in the simulation to help justify your thinking.  

This paper, I am working on price strategy. I only need a solid paragraph about how to use price strategy to make better decisions on price and product. It does not need citation but need great knowledge about price strategy. This is very very very very urgent work, If you can help me with it and send me before 10;30Am at the east time it would be wonderful. Thank You !!!

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