Profile career profile powerpoint & written portion


Sport Career Profile (50 points) – Each student will be required to conduct an investigation of the ins and outs of a career in sport.  You will be responsible for developing a career profile for a sport management-related career position.  Each student will be assigned a career at random.

In order to comprehensively complete this assignment, you should gather information on your career from sport management-related literature and also must conduct an interview with someone working in the field you are profiling.  Please prepare a 1-page written career profile to turn in along with a PowerPoint presentation that must be uploaded to Blackboard.  Use of audio/video clips MUST NOT exceed 2 minutes.

Please be creative with your career profile package that you submit.  The following information MUST be included in the profile: 1) name of interviewee 2) her/his position 3) educational background 4) prior work experience; what was her/his career path to their current position 5) skills required for the position 6) job responsibilities/duties 7) interesting aspects of the job 8) earning potential (max, min, avg) 9) how does one secure a career in that field; possible career path suggestions.

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