Quantitative research | Biology homework help

Pick any quantitative research design article and  critique the article by responding to the following questions:  (upload your choice article as an attachment)

  1. Comment Pts Issue: Issue is clearly communicated as the title in the correct format.
  2. Arguments: provide 3-4 arguments for and against the research topic.
  3. Summary: Provide an overview of the issue so the general population can understand the general concepts surrounding the issue.

4.Quantitative Data: provide 2 pieces of unique statistical, numerical data per person 

  1. Visual Representation: ONE (you can use more than one as appropriate) image total should invoke further discussion within your project in the form of a graph, picture, cartoon, or other work of art. Be sure to properly give credit to the image.
  2. Commentary: cite 2 commentaries represented by select quotes or a summary of the unique perspectives.
  3. References: provide at least, 8 unique references with one of the 8 being a primary source. Each reference must be represented by a correctly formatted in -text citation and reference page.
  4. Design: Readability (text size), color contrast, professional product, organized, unique style
  5. Presentation: Voice recording or video with audio.
  6. Describe 5 differences between quantitative and qualitative research designs.

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