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Finding a good introduction style for each kind of academic paper seems to be a running theme with many college students.  So we are going to try and practice some good introductions.  Refer back to pages 375-380 in our Norton text for all the different ways you can start a paper to select the best style beginning for TWO of the topics below. 

Thesis statements (called claims in argumentative research) are provided to help you select the best beginning.  They must be included in the intro you create.  Each introduction should be about two paragraphs long for this practice.

Topic 1:  Why College is Not Necessarily for Everyone

Claim: College not only should be free for those who select to attend, but also not be the utmost valued choice for future success.

Topic 2:  Smartphones Are the Next Wave of Artificial Intelligence

Claim:  Artificial Intelligence’s next logical placement would be within our smartphones.  These devices already have meshed themselves into our daily lives. 

Topic 3: How Pizza Can Be Considered Complete Daily Nutrition

Claim:  The human body needs protein, fiber, vitamins, dairy, and salt/fat to activate its voluntary and involuntary actions; why could pizza NOT be considered a primary source of all these necessary intakes?

Topic 4: “Framilies” Are the New Core

Claim:  In this modern age of fractured biological families, the “framily” or friends who become family-like, has morphed into the comfort and safety zone for many Millennial and Gen Z adults. 

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