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DB: Should comprehensive sex education be taught in the schools? (your response does not have to reflect what you believe yourself).

Be sure to:

Discuss the pro or con of providing comprehensive sex education within the K-12 school system, including potential impact on the schools, on the family relationship, and on the adolescent’s interaction with their peers.

Include in your response:

If Yes: If yes, what content related to sex, sexuality, sexually transmitted disease and contraception/birth control should be included? Why? At what age should it begin? Why? Explain how you would answer a parent’s objection to having this curriculum taught in school.

If no: If not, does society have an interest or prerogative to ensure it is taught in the home? If so, how should this be done? Who should enforce it? If not, how should society deal with the events of unintended pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infection among adolescent women?

You are not required to use a source for this discussion question but please make sure you provide reasoning and thoughtfulness in your responses. 

150 word response 

Late posts will lose five points per day

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