Watch the speech “a time for choosing” – ronald reagan:

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After reading the sections on Charismatic Leadership in Chapter 9 of your textbook, watch Ronald Reagan’s speech in the Learning Module. Often referred to as “The Great Communicator,” President Reagan was one of the most charismatic leaders our country has ever seen. Consider the following in your essay: 

  • What did Reagan do or say that really caught your attention?
  • What are some things he does or says that instills confidence in his followers?
  • Which of the behavioral dimensions of charisma and transformational leadership described in the textbook can be attributed to President Reagan?
  • Was his vision evident in his speech?
  • What emotions did you have while listening to his speech?

Length: 350 – 500 words (roughly 1 – 1 ½ pages double-spaced 12 point Times New Roman font). Save your essay in Microsoft Word and upload it here. 

Please give thoughtful consideration to all of the concepts presented in MC4401 thus far. In addition, keep in mind that this assessment will measure the following student learning outcome: Discuss and evaluate the skills, traits and actions of an ethical leader in a variety of situations 

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