Week 5 assignments | English homework help

 Post your interpretation of this week’s readings.

For this week’s assignment, write a total of 4 full length pages that address each of the works assigned, as well as each of the questions below:

1. Much of the literature in the era of Realism focuses on social issues; discuss why you feel we saw this shift in literature from the Romantic era.

2. Discuss how you think Douglas’ narrative fits the era of Realism.

3. Discuss your thoughts on Douglas’ statement about the importance of reading.

4. There were many slave narratives that came about in this era; why do you think Douglas’ text in particular became one of the most famous.

5. Discuss how Bierce’s story fits the era of Realism.

6. Do you see any Romantic elements being discussed in Bierce, for instance, how does he deal with the portrayal of nature in this work?

7. Discuss how you think Chopin’s work fits the era of Realism.  

8. How does this novel speak towards women’s rights?

9. Why is the character Edna portrayed as unhappy? 

10. How does Edna achieve personal freedom?

11. What elements do you think would have been shocking to readers in 1899?

12. What is your interpretation of the end of the work? Is a positive or a negative ending?


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