Week one assignment psychopathy | Psychology homework help

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MyPsychLab, Video Series Link

Click here for the MyPsychLab videos referenced throughout the course:  h 

Week 1 – Cultural Issues in Psychopathology

Note: Several discussions and assignments in this course use videos from MyPsychLab. To view these videos, please click on the Start Here link in the left-hand panel of the course, and then click on the link to access the videos.
Review the video “Martha: Major Depressive Disorder” (located in MyPsychLab, Video Series link).  In a two- to three-page paper, explain the cultural issues that may contribute to depression as well as cultural issues associated with treatment of depression. 
Support your discussion with at least two peer-reviewed scholarly sources. Be sure to use proper APA style, including cover page, running head, proper citations, and separate reference page.