What was the basis of the mercantilist theory of economics? what was

Title: What was the basis of the mercantilist theory of economics? What was the relationship between the colonial economies and those of the homelands? Describe this relationship.

1) Before you start working with your essay, make sure to type the topic of your essay as shown in the list of topics and your full name. 

2) The essay should be not less than three pages long. (Not double space). Use FONT TIMES NEW ROMAN, SIZE 12, Line Spacing 1.15 and justify the formatting. 

3) English misspellings are unacceptable, and will affect your scores. 

4) In preparing the essay, comment all the questions of your selected topic. You must include material from the lectures, the textbook and the handouts. Students are encouraged (but not required) to incorporate new material by using internet sources. 

Attention: If you do so, make sure to list the internet sources at the end of our essay (last page).

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