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Ashford 2: – Week 1 – Discussion 1


Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses. Reference the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for guidance on how your discussion will be evaluated.


What’s   Bothering Trevor?

 Our nation is built on a free-market system. The delivery of health care is no exception. The United States spends more per capita than other countries in the world without quality outcomes. It has been stated that the United States is behind in the efficient and timely delivery of care as well as that it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to find a resolution to the inefficiencies of the current health care system. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to ensure the delivery of quality health care in the most effective and efficient manner.

This week you will review the simulation titled, What’s bothering Trevor: Considering Healthcare – Cost, Quality and Access, in Chapter 1.1 of your course textbook.
Once you have completed reviewing each of the simulations, 

  • Examine the concerns and issues within each simulation      coming from each of the following stakeholder perspectives: 
    • patient 
    • family 
    • health care professionals. 
  • Determine what could have been done differently to      address the issues identified in all the options in relation to cost,      quality, and access. 

Guided Response: Read through your classmates’ posts and find two reviews that differed from yours. If this had happened to you, what actions could you have taken to maintain patient satisfaction with the delivery of quality health care as it relates to cost, quality, and access?   



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