Wk 3 – social structure, social process, and social development | CJS231 Criminology | University of Phoenix

In this assignment, you have the opportunity to examine the theoretical principles associated with sociological perspectives of crime.      

View the following videos on the University Library Resources page, and select one for this week’s assignment:     

•“Prostitution Along Immigration Routes” 

•“Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone” 

•“Tent City, Arizona”    

Select one video that supports social structure, social process, and social development theories.     

Consider the following about the assignment as it relates to the video you selected:  

•Social structure theories view societal,financial, and social arrangements or structures as the primary cause of deviant and criminal behaviors. 

•Social process theories view deviant and criminal behaviors as evolving mechanisms learned through societal interaction. 

•Social development theories view deviant and criminal behaviors as part of a maturational process. 

•Explain all theories in relation to the video you chose.    

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following:  

•How does the video you selected support the three theories being examined? 

•What is the primary subject or content of the video? 

•What social issues are raised in the video? 

•What major principles of sociological theory are addressed in the video? 

•What might be some possible ramifications for social policy change?    

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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