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Professional portfolios can be an asset to any nursing professional seeking a position or career change. Portfolios are designed to show the nurse’s experience in education, work, personal skills, professional skills, knowledge, achievements, any organizations that you belong to, and anything relevant to the position they are applying for (2009). These portfolios can be the difference between getting the job/career of your dreams and not being turned away.

There is and most likely always will be a shortage of nurses, including nurse practitioners. It can still be very competitive as employers want to hire someone that will be worth their time and effort in training and one that will stay in their position.

I am in the Family Nurse Practitioner program and have always been interested in specializing in advanced diabetic management/education. I have found different options for courses and that can qualify for board certification which is recognized by the ANCC (n.d.). There is a shortage of FNP and diabetic certified nurse practitioners. I want to be a part of the help and improve the community.

I am already a member of the American Nurses Association and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. I find both organizations to be great assets and will continue to be a member and follow up on the new research, information, and educational opportunities.

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