Written paper 2 – w6-8 training devlp

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Topic:  How will employee training be impacted by a post-COVID 19 Workplace?

Read articles

  1.  Workplace Strategies for post Covid recovery


Note:  3 time frames (p2-7) and the 5 critical strategies (p. 9-16)

  1. Covid-19 and the ‘New Normal’ of Training


Note:  Synopsis of the ideas from the short article

  1. Your task is to take the information from the ‘Worplace Strategies’ article, on how businesses are going to change their strategies in the post Covid 19 world and try to blend into those strategies, and the new training trends required in training.
  2. You will need to ad in your own personal experiences from your workplace and what you are seeing as current covid-19 training activities and what training you see needed in the post Covid workplace.  I would suggest you go back to your first paper and take ideas and use them in your analysis.
  3. Write a 7-page paper using the following template for your paper looking at workplace strategies in a post Covid workplace.
  4. Title page
  5. Abstract
  6. 1-pages of discussion on the 5 strategies
  7. 1- page of discussion on the new training required in the post covid-19 workplace.
  8. 2-3 pages on the five strategies and how they might impact you and your organization.  Take material from paper one and use it to bolster your arguments when looking at training in the post covid workplace.
    1. Reflect-What Training will be needed-in Your workplace
    2. Recommit– What Training will be needed-Your workplace
    3. Re-engage– What Training will be needed-Your workplace
    4. Rethink– What Training will be needed-Your workplace
    5. Reboot– What Training will be needed-Your workplace
  9. 1-2 pages on further research you will do on training in the post covid workplace.
  10. Conclusion you have on the post covid-19 workplace, training required and if any of this applies to your workplace.
  11. Reference page (at l1ast 3-5 references)

The template above must be used for your paper!

Beyond the formatting of the paper, I want to make sure you do not plagiarize by using a parenthetical citation when paraphrasing and that you use a direct quote citation for direct quotes.